At the peak of an action-packed career in media, renowned broadcaster and celebrity coach Shamshir Rai Luthra sensed an emergent need to spread the message of constructive thinking and good communication everywhere.

Message A - Develop The Ability To Think Clearly


“Through the ages, rich words, holy words, divinations, mantras, shlokas have helped us gain wisdom. The word ‘Enlighten’ means ‘to Clarify’. So Enlightenment is not just for the sages. We all need clarity. Clarity about our careers, businesses, relationships...”
(Shamshir Rai Luthra, 2006)

By talk and example, teacher Shamshir encourages us to make our minds calmer, clearer, and stronger by cultivating the self-healing habits of meditation, chanting, and prayer recitation.

- Meditations. (Traditional/ Futuristic)
- Healing Techniques. (Traditional/ Futuristic)
- Prayer Recitations. (Traditional/ Futuristic)
- Chanting Mantras. (Traditional/ Futuristic)
- Lectures and Examples.

- Develop inner strength.
- Become calm, patient and happier.
- Improve communication through silence and listening.
- Manage thoughts and outwit pressure.
- Develop insight, intuitive and psychic abilities.
Together with organizations, communities, and enlightened citizens, we strive to empower individuals with the courage, intelligence, and knowledge needed to overcome adversity, as well as earn success and recognition for themselves, and their people.